Dress Choice for Tall Look

Dress Choice for Tall Look

Dresses you should choose for this priority should be longer than your leg length. For this, narrow-leg trousers, carrot pants and skinny pants combinations are ideal for you. The skin color stiletto shoes you will wear under them will show you long.

The combination of skinny jeans and high heels to look tall works very well.

Stiletto shoes are used with both dresses and tight pants to look long and elegant.

Longitudinal striped blouses or longitudinal striped shirts are another way to make you look long.

Long-sleeved shirt, such as the length of the lines, not transverse clothing, you are thin and long shows.

Wearing monochrome and simple dresses and avoiding patterned dresses will help you create the tall perception you desire.

Wearing monochrome dresses shows you longer than you are.