Dress Selection According to Leg Form

Dress Selection According to Leg Form

Our size is a very important factor when choosing a dress. Leg length and thickness are the most important factors that affect how we look from the outside. In order to get the look we desire with the right dress selection, we have to consider our leg form.

Dress Model Show My Legs Slim and Elegant
Volleyball women who worry about the calves instead of thick calves sometimes different health problems can cause thick-looking legs. You will need to avoid mini-dresses or mini-skirts, skirts and knee-length dresses. If you are short and you are preparing a boiler trotter, it is wise not to wear flat shoes. Chiffon dresses, shabby pants and vivid colors will hide the beauty of your legs.

If your height is not an obstacle, long skirt models, long dresses, pipe-trousers and under-heeled shoes will give you a comfortable breath.

Long heels will show your height longer than it is.

Long Skirt Models you will wear under the heeled shoes will look longer than you are.

Long Dress and long skirt under the high-heeled shoes will not make it difficult to walk.

Modern waistcoats or classic vest models on Spanish trousers, blazer jackets and t-shirts at belly level will open the door to nice combinations. Another solution is to get your legs tanned or to show thin slim opaque socks to be worn under short skirt models.

You can combine it by wearing a modern waistcoat or classic waistcoat on Spanish trousers.



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